Dads — Yes, we’re always hopeful for one more … Although, I don’t know; sex by yourself can be better than lousy sex with someone else.

Don — maybe the journalist ex wanted sex all the time so she could get … better? You’re he first guy I’ve ever heard say that you felt like a piece of meat; women tend to feel like that. Are there many guys who feel meat-ish?

Don says:

April 8, 2010 at 7:47 am Her major problem…which I don’t think could be fixed…and I guess there could be worse problems than this…was that she was very multi-orgasmic and like to announce when it was happening.(like 15 times n a row at least.) At first it was flattering, but after awhile it should be my turn, right?…Well, the yelling was so much that it distracted me from being able to, and that was highly annoying after a few months.

So, yes, after awhile I began to feel like a piece of meat who was getting cheated out of his turn… Don´s last blog ..‘Wastin Away’ in Beaver Creek… My ComLuv? Profile

Don says:

April 8, 2010 at 8:50 am Her only problem…if you want to call it a problem…was that she was multi-orgasmic. (I mean like 15 times n a row) She also liked to announce loudly when this happened. Though I was flattered at first, I felt like it should be MY turn after awhile. She yelled so loudly I would become distracted and every time I was almost there, another loud announcement was echoing in my ear!

After many months of this, yes, I began feeling like a piece of meat who had lost his turn…

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