Reading the October issue, “The Feel Good Issue,” left me positively glowing. Even before you open the darn thing, they’re already throwing roses at your feet. The headlines on the cover offered readers the “Sexiest Woman Alive,” “Encouraging Words from President Clinton” and finished off with a “You Look Great, By the Way.” Sure beats Shape’s, “Scary Truth about Germs.”

Inside was a “Box of Permanent Joy,” which included ‘70s sitcoms and Mahler symphonies. There was “A Guide to – and Celebration of – the Ablutions, Unguents, and Bathroom Rituals that Make Us Men.” Wow, even their grooming practices are worth celebrating.

Really, I love being a woman. Though I love peeking into the world of men, I prefer taking on life as a female. I only wish my magazines liked me as much as I like myself.

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