While I personally think porn is boring and ridiculous (give me a racy R-rated movie any day), I don’t think it’s as damaging as some of the commentators indicate for *most* men (there are always substance abusers). Most couples I know have healthy sex lives and if the figures above are correct many of the men at least in those relationships look at porn (although I think the 90% figure is probably high for “regular use”). They know the difference between reality and fantasy, just like kids don’t shoot up schools or commit suicide if they listen to Marilyn Manson.

In fact, Kerner’s study seems to be a regurgitation of this repudiated idea. I honestly doubt porn leads to more masturbation anyway- it’s just a more graphic substitute for the lingerie section of the Sears catalog we had when we were kids. The urge to have sex (with one’s self or others) seems internally, rather than externally, driven.

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